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I'm looking for software engineers to hire at Amazon


There is nothing more embarrassing than finding out that someone you work with has looked at your personal web pages that you haven't touched for 6 or 7 years. I first posted my personal page in 1994 and hadn't really done much with it since about 1996. They have now been updated and made to look all modern-internet and everything. Even the internet has design trends.

If you're curious what's been keeping me busy, you can see the Amazon-only-experience resume that I have posted. (Why not the whole resume? There are unscrupulous recruiters out there...)

Mark Henderson has suggested that my patron saint is Coyote:

As will be suggested by the tales below, Trickster alternately scandalizes, disgusts, amuses, disrupts, chastises, and humiliates (or is humiliated by) the animal-like proto-people of pre-history, yet he is also a creative force transforming their world, sometimes in bizarre and outrageous ways, with his instinctive energies and cunning. [...] he represents the most basic instincts, but in other narratives, he is also the father of the Indian people and a potent conductor of spiritual forces in the form of sacred dreams.

[...] Both a creator of order out of chaos and a destroyer of order which represses creative energies, an animal being and a spiritual force, Coyote is contradictory and ambiguous [...]

When asked to describe me, Jim Moskowitz said:
When people ask me to describe Melissa I just tell them to think of a hot ice cube, deafening mime, an ephemeral mountain. Slow lightning, liquid sound, tropical tundra and spherical needles also get mentioned. What really gets the idea across is when I suggest a tiny skyscraper, dessicated seas, annual sunsets, a domesticated earthquake, or silky stucco. They learn that some sorts of questions just can't be properly answered, that some people can't be done justice in analogies. Meeting is believing.

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