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Quilting is a relatively new thing for me. My creative hobby, until recently, has been writing musical rounds.

8/3/2002: I have a very bad encounter with a sewing machine needle, the ER, and a hand surgeon. Those who aren't faint of heart or stomach can read about the accident. The worst part? It kept me from quilting for a week.

My Helpers

I have two furry helpers for my quilting: Coyopa ("Yopa"), on the right in the pictures, and Cakulha ("Kulha"). You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Their names are the names of two brothers from Mayan mythology. Coyopa is the ruler of the sound of thunder, Cakulha is the ruler of the lesser lightning bolts.


I store mine in a closet in two hanging fabric shoe/sweater/whatever holders that I got when a local "things to organize your house" store went out of business.


in reverse chronological order

Four Elements

Size: 42" x 42"
Dates: 6/2002 - 7/2002

My office at is very...beige. I wanted something to brighten it up.

Like Trellis below, this quilt also uses a basic block but the color changes make it more interesting. My piecing is getting better, as you can see, but it's still not great, especially as I'm making quilts with more and more pieces!

This is the first time I've used a fold of fabric in the border -- I like the effect.

I ran out of the dark green in the background, so went through my stash until I found another fabric for the binding. Technically you're not supposed to introduce a new fabric in the binding or the border, but I think it worked out even better this way.

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Quilt front: small large
Quilt front detail 1: small large
Quilt front detail 2: small large
Quilt back: small large
Quilt back detail 1: small large
Quilt back detail 2: small large

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