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I'm looking for software engineers to hire at Amazon


Melissa D. Binde
16509 SE 21st Pl
Bellevue, WA 98008
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This is intentionally not my full resume. If you have received this from a recruiter, with or without this message attached, then it was sent without my consent.
I am a strong manager and individual contributor with a track record of driving significant changes in an organization. I have an understanding of infrastructure systems architecture and operations, a knowledge of software design, and management skills which enable me to lead the design and implementation of scalable, flexible, operationally sound, end-to-end software solutions that meet business requirements.


Manager, Software Development;, Seattle, WA
Infrastructure Software
September 2000 - present

Managed and led a team of 3-14 developers to drive significantly higher availablity, security, and accountability into our operations infrastructure.

Conceived and drove multiple projects with annual NPV's of over 1MM, including operating system configuration, package management, and software release management. Allow Amazon's infrastructure to scale from hundreds to thousands of servers around the world with a decrease in support staff headcount.

Met multiple internal and external commitments and led several cross-functional projects to delivery.

Designed an IT operations management framework to integrate all operational management software into a coherent suite of applications.

Designed and delivered a cross-functional, technology-neutral, enterprise-wide dependency database that would allow us to leverage the information in the database to create activity-based-cost models.

Senior Software Developer;, Seattle, WA
Infrastructure Tools
April 1999 - September 2000
Conceived, justified, and designed a configuration management system to manage the OS and software installation and configuration of thousands of UNIX hosts in a heterogeneous UNIX environment (Digital UNIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux.)

Designed and delivered a comprehensive suite of systems administration management tools (~70,000 lines of code). Used those tools to design, justify to our senior technical and financial management, and implement a new desktop environment of 600 desktops that required 1/4 of a sysadmin for maintenance (down from 2-3), and cost 95% less than the previous architecture, saving $1MM each year.

By automating routine configuration tasks, this suite of tools also enabled Amazon to migrate more than one thousand servers from Tru64 UNIX to Linux in only three months. This migration project was one of the cornerstones of Amazon's profitability.

Software Developer;, Seattle, WA
Fulfillment Center Software
Jun 1998 - April 1999
Helped write, support and maintain all the software used in's warehouses. Coded in Perl, C/C++, and Postscript on Tru64 UNIX.

Initiated first proactive monitoring of Amazon's Fulfillment Centers by writing a set of tools that are still in use, expanded but largely unchanged, five years later.

Led parts of our internationalization efforts, as we expanded into Germany and the UK.

Freelance Reviewer; Addison-Wesley-Longman
Oct 1997 - present
Technical content and marketing reviews of books on security, systems administration, and software development, including being one of the technical editors on the highly-popular The Practice of System and Network Administration (Limoncelli/Hogan, ISBN 0201702711)


B.A., Computer Science/Religious Philosophy, Swarthmore College, PA.


Member of Usenix, ACM, and AWC
Member of LISA '97 and LISA '98 program committees
Technical reviewer for Addison-Wesley-Longman

Skills Keywords:

leadership, management, technical and business presentations, process and design documentation, project management, change, cross-functional projects and coordination, training and mentoring

Technical Keywords:

distributed site management, infrastructure scaling, hardware environment architecture, automated systems management, systems administration, software porting


C, C++, Perl/OO-Perl, sh/ksh/bash, SQL, some postscript


Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX

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